Psychology and Family Therapy


Psychology is a complex profession whereby psychologists are learned and trained to provide therapeutic assistance to individuals, couple and families in various areas including development, mental health, education, relationships, psychiatry and forensics. The psychologists at Being Well Clinic choose to work with all types of client groups, including children, adolescents, families and couples. Here at Being Well Clinic our psychologists are highly trained and experienced practitioners who together have worked in a large variety of public, private, government, community, hospital and corporate settings. They hold a wealth of knowledge and experience that they share with their clients to address and treat client concerns in an individualised, client centred and respectful manner. Our psychologists are sensitive to clients stages of understanding of their needs and work closely with them to ensure they feel safe, validated, and ready to explore their internal and external worlds to bring about the positive change they seek. We encourage our clients to be self-reflective and accountable for their lives and choices, and the circumstances which have brought them into therapy, and we do this in a way that the client feels seen, heard and held. Through our work, our clients become empowered to make more mindful, healthier choices and decisions, take responsibility for their health and happiness, and create a strength and resilience within themselves to confidently navigate their world.

Family focussed and Parenting Therapy

The psychologists at Being Well Clinic have a thorough understanding of the importance of family functioning and dynamics in treating individuals. We are all born into families that have various histories, strengths and sensitivities, issues and coping styles, some of which are transgenerational and comforting and some of which are unhelpful and dysfunctional. Families issues often present themselves as concerning or challenging emotions and behaviours in children and adolescents and this, on top of mental health problems, means that families simply cannot functioning to the best of their abilities and in a healthy way. Our psychologists at Being Well Clinic understands this and are available for family focussed therapy and parent coaching work to bring about healthy change and strengthening bonds in families we work with.